Tutoring Services

In ARYANA iHelp Centre we have offered General English language and English language proficiency courses to many students over the past 3 years. Our certified tutors are highly experienced in teaching English to speakers of other languages in and out of Australia.
Our tutoring services for our local and international clients include:

  • General English Elementary to Advanced level
  • GT/AC IELTS test preparation course
  • PTE test preparation course
  • Accent reduction coaching
  • - Individual language skills workshops (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening)

Demonstrating a satisfactory level of competency in English language in IELTS/ PTE tests is a prerequisite when applying for colleges and universities, getting registered for certain occupations such as nursing and other health-related jobs and employment in different sectors.

Our qualified and experienced tutors hold one-to-one and group classes at different levels based on your needs and goals and our lessons are also tailored and implemented accordingly. We aim to assist our clients to become confident users of the English language and have a fast and smooth transition and enter the Australian labour market in the shortest time possible.